27 bottles of beer on the wall

a list of 27 things i have to do before I turn 27.

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#1: Learn how to drink whiskey and actually like it


“Clear liquor is for rich women on diets!” – Ron Swanson

In my opinion there a very few things that are more sexy than a woman sitting in a smokey bar, a cigarette in one hand, a glass of whiskey in the other. And it is certainly bad-ass to order a glass of single malt, when the giggly blonde next to you orders a glass of peach schnaps or white wine spritzer. Since I once also didn’t like red wine – which is now the fuel I run on when I go out – I was quite positive, that I would manage to simply force myself to like whiskey.


So, a few months back, I bought myself a large bottle of Tullamore Dew and started “practising”. The booze and I were off to a bumpy start, although the content of my glass was almost exclusively ice cubes (for which I will neither apologise nor feel ashamed). But little by little, I actually liked the stuff. You sit on your couch, rain falling hard on the roof, ice cubes clinking in your whiskey glass, while you watch Don Draper smack some busty secretary on the ass. Also, it tastes kind of like sweets for grown-ups. It’s a bit like when you started to drink coffee when you were a teenager or when you had your first beer. You kinda guess why the stuff is so popular, but you don’t quite feel it yet. But you’ll get there. And when you do – boy, it is gooood!

So – Hooray! – I managed it. I am a whiskey person now.

Two tasks down, twenty-five more to do, 274 days to do them in.


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#14: Have an exhibition with my own photographs

Alright, so I cheated a teensy tiny bit when I composed this list. When I wrote it down, I already had the green light from the owners of the store where my exhibition would take place. But nevertheless: Major lifegoal achieved. Booya!

The wonderful Karo and Nicole are the proud owners of Freiburgs most brilliant store Take Care. They were kind enough to allow me to exhibit my pictures there. So, after a lot of picture-choosing and wine drinking and picture-printing and wine drinking and preparing and wine drinking, I was finally ready. Forty pictures I have taken over the last years, printed on glossy paper were ready for people to look at and buy.

Although it took a lot of sparkling wine to get over my anxiety that nobody would show up, suddenly people started pouring in. First friends and family, but suddenly there were people I have never seen in my entire life, looking at my pictures. Extremely nice experience, I have to say.

So, my list got off to a great start. Thanks to everyone, who came and had a look or even bought one of my pictures. You can still purchase them, I have plenty left and decorating my own sitting room with them would probably be a little vain…

Proud me amongst my pictures.

One task down, twenty-six more to do, 340 days to do them in. Let’s do this!

(I stole some of the pictures from lovely Karo and Caro…)

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What this is all about

The Challenge:

In the 360 days that remain until October 31st 2013 – the day I turn 27 – I want to complete a list of 27 tasks, that I think everyone should manage to do at least once in their lives. Some of the tasks are small, some big, some plainly stupid, but they need to be done in one way or another! On my 26th birthday party I hung up a half-finished list for my guests to complete. I got some really nice suggestions out of it and some ludicrous bullshit as well (whoever thought I would do the Gangnam-style-dance in public, is obviously off their rockers!). Anway, I completed the list by myself and decided to share this weird experience with everyone who’s interested. So, here we go…

The Rules:

The tasks don’t have to be done in any specific order and I am allowed to have help. So, easy enough, right?!

The List:

  1. Learn how to drink whiskey (and actually like it.)
  2. Hold a tarantula
  3. Learn to do the complete Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ dance
  4. Shoot a gun
  5. Learn how to play Poker
  6. Appear in a music video
  7. Cut down a tree (with a chainsaw)
  8. Have a pint at the Cavern Club
  9. Watch the Star Wars trilogy in one sitting
  10.  Learn how to make a balloon animal
  11.  Have a drunk snog
  12.  Milk a cow
  13.  Climb a mountain
  14.  Have an exhibition with my own photographs
  15.  Live in another country
  16.  Have a skinny dip in the ocean by night
  17.  Eat an oyster
  18.  Drive a scooter
  19.  Go on a real road trip
  20.  Learn how to tango
  21.  Say ‘yes’ to everything for a day
  22.  Learn to play the harmonica
  23.  Stand on top of the Eiffel tower
  24.  Do something nice for a stranger
  25.  Live off less than 50€ for one week
  26.  Read a really complicated smart-ass book cover to cover
  27.  Get a full blown Ziggy Stardust make up